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Welcome to
Bally Capital Advisors

More than advisors, we are lifetime partners. 

Managing capital since 2003, Bally Capital Advisors is your trusted partners to preserve your wealth. We are proud to serve our customers' best interest with integrity and diligence.


Wealth Management

At Bally Capital Advisors, we partner with you to preserve your wealth while aligning with your risk tolerance. We are dedicated to serving your unique needs.

Asset Management

Bally Capital Advisors has developed investment vehicles designed to meet portfolio needs and hedge against systemic risk. Our goal is to achieve steady, long-term returns while minimizing exposure to risk.

Multi-Family Office

Families have unique needs, and we are here to simplify the challenges they may face. Our company offers a range of services, including financial planning, governance, and advisory support.




Investment philosophy

We always develop our investment strategy in collaboration with our partners, making it a bilateral process. In today's complex world, financial crises have significantly damaged our economy. Therefore, we firmly believe that transparency is not just a requirement but a critical necessity for a lasting relationship. Bally Capital Advisors AG, as your representative, consistently aligns its approach with our partners' risk appetite and return targets.

"Successful investing professionals are disciplined and consistent. They think a great deal about what they do and how they do it."

Benjamin Graham

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