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Wealth management

The main activity at Bally Capital Advisors AG is wealth management for High Net Worth Individuals. We are safeguarding our customer's capital and controlling risks. These are our primary concerns when it comes to investment management. Bally Capital Advisors takes pride as an independant asset manager to provide diversified and unbiaised advices to its partners. The current financial regulatory framework is getting more and more complicated worldwide. As a consequence, we, Bally Capital Advisors, make investors' life easier by leading them through this sinuous and tangled bureaucratic path.


Asset management

Bally Capital Advisors has created investment vehicles to satisfy the portfolios' need and hedge the systemic risk. Indeed, BCA has expertise in the mining and precious metals industry and has engineered a certificate on it. Our objective is a long-term and steady return while avoiding risky positions. We put a strong emphasis on value stocks and our analytical and fundamental research aims at finding companies that will remain in our customer's portfolio for a few years.

Multi-family office

Family have special needs and we are here to simplify all the struggle that one can encounter. Our company offer services comprising financial planning , governance and advisory. Bally Capital Advisors is a family business and the Bally family is at a position to understand curate tailor-made solutions for every need. Specifically, we provide consolidation services, concierge services, global wealth analysis and advice, succession planning, connection with specialists (M&A, etc.).

Affiliated services

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The Swiss Mining Investment Club depends on Bally Capital Advisors AG. The goal of the Swiss Mining Investment Club is to bring together smart, knowledgeable investors to share investment ideas. Members of the club can also pool means of investigation buying high quality research, hiring independent consultants in fields such as geopolitic, geology, metallurgy, mining engineering & accounting. Pooling of capital can also be used to access better opportunities in terms of private placements in quality companies.


The Swiss Mining Institute depends on Bally Capital Advisors AG. The SMI presents two major annual investment conferences per year in Switzerland. Each conference provides top quality, independent perspectives from experts within the resources sector together with presentations from 40 selected mining companies. The aim of these conferences is to bridge the gap between swiss investors and mining companies.

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