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Investment expertise

A successful process

Research on Value Stocks

We possess a research service that assesses companies that can qualify as "Value Stocks". These types of companies have solid financial statements, have been established for a long time, their market capitalization is over 5 billion, and are their respective industry leaders.

Long proven expertise

Our Portfolio management team is composed of 4 professionals that hold over 100 years of experience within the financial markets with a strong focus on the USA, Europe, and Switzerland. We are well aware of our boundaries but also know how to behave in the markets. Our expertise allowed us to prevent financial loss from the 2008 crisis.


It is widely known in the financial industry
that investing in precious metals and the mining industry serves the purpose of hedging a portfolio in case of a downturn in the market. We are experts in this niche market. We will get you the right exposure to avoid extreme financial loss.

Our Values

Automated stock screening

We own an in-house algorithm that assesses a stock's potential uptrend and its key metrics. If a stock is negatively evaluated, we don't invest in this one. This process removes all emotional bias such as an attachment to a specific company or a wrongful judgment.

Selection of trustworthy funds

To gain access to specific markets or products, it is inevitable to invest through funds. We only invest in funds whose managers are reliable acquaintances know for decades and where the funds are highly liquid.


We are safeguarding our customer's capital and controlling risks. These are our primary concerns when it comes to investment management. We put a strong emphasis on value stocks and our analytical and fundamental research aims at finding companies that will remain in our customer's portfolios for a few years. We will continue to devote our time to deliver strong results to our investors while always bearing in mind the focus on capital preservation. Bally Capital Advisors takes pride as an Independent Asset Manager to provide diversified and unbiased advice to its partners. The current financial regulatory framework is getting more and more complicated worldwide. As a consequence, we, Bally Capital Advisors, make investors' life easier by leading them through this sinuous and tangled bureaucratic path.

                                                                                                                                                            Jacques Bally | Chairman & CEO

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